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Here is a listing of our AMD Athlon products:

  1. Athlon APU Quad Core starting @ 2.0Ghz 2Mb Cache
  2. AMD A-Series 4 Cores Starting @ 3.4Ghz 4Mb Cache
  3. AMD A-Series 10 Cores (4x CPU + 6x GPU) Starting @ 3.4Ghz 4Mb Cache
  4. AMD FX-Series 8 Cores Starting @ 3.5Ghz 6+8Mb Cache

We offer a number of services for our clients, including:

Driver Downloads

    - AMD Drivers

    - nVidia Mother Board & Video Cards

Personal Computer Setup

Network Setup

Peripheral Sales And Installations

Bitdefender Cloud Security Antivirus Protection Managed from the Cloud

We have prices that range from reasonable to very reasonable.

Contact us for more information!

You can reach us at the following email address: john @ john26cs . com

You can order from us directly.